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The PolyDocument object in the Polypheny JDBC Multimodel Extension serves as a representation of a document in a document-based result within the Polypheny environment. It extends the PolyMap class, inheriting its functionality while specifying its type as ProtoValueType.DOCUMENT.


Constructor with Map Parameter

public PolyDocument(Map<PolyString, PolyValue> value)

Creates a new PolyDocument object from a given map of PolyString and PolyValue pairs.


Parameter Type Description
value Map<PolyString, PolyValue> The key-value pairs representing the document

Constructor with Single Key-Value Pair

public PolyDocument(PolyString key, PolyValue value)

Creates a new PolyDocument object with a single key-value pair.


Parameter Type Description
key PolyString The key representing a field in the document
value PolyValue The value associated with the key

You can treat a PolyDocument object like a Map<PolyString, PolyValue>, enabling you to easily iterate over its keys and values, among other operations.


PolyDocument document = PolyDocument.ofDocument(someMap);
for (Map.Entry<PolyString, PolyValue> entry : document.entrySet()) {
    // Process each key-value pair in the document
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