Polypheny Python Driver

This is a public preview of the documentation for the new Python driver, currently in a public beta. The driver and support for the new Prism Query interface will be released soon.

This document provides a guide to using the Polypheny Python driver, which enables Python applications to interact with Polypheny databases. The driver adheres to the Python Database API Specification v2.0 (PEP 249), ensuring a consistent interface for database interactions.

The driver is open-source and implemented in pure Python 3 for maximum portability and ease of use. It employs the Prism Protocol for efficient communication with Polypheny databases. In order to use the Python driver with your instance of Polypheny, make sure that the Prism Query Interface has been deployed.


The Polypheny Python Driver is designed for easy integration. The driver requires Python version 3.13 or higher.

The driver is published to PyPi, simplifying its inclusion in your project dependencies:

pip install polypheny

Detailed information on how to install the Polypheny Python Driver can be found on the language integration page for Python.

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