Install Polypheny

There are several options to install Polypheny:

  1. Use a precompiled binary (recommended)
  2. A JAR file
  3. Deploy using Docker image.

The fastest way to setup Polypheny are our provided binaries which allows an easy to use installation.


We provide precompiled binaries that can be downloaded for different operating systems like: Windows, macOS and Linux distributions.

  • Windows: Please download the .msi file from the GitHub release page and follow the installer. After the installation has completed, Polypheny can be started using the Desktop icon or the entry in the start menu. After Polypheny has been started, it adds itself to the system tray.

  • macOS: Please download the .dmg file from the GitHub release page. As usual, Polypheny is installed by dragging the Polypheny icon on the application folder. This adds Polypheny to the applications overview. After Polypheny has been started, it adds itself to the system tray.

  • Linux: We provide binaries for .deb and .rpm systems. These binaries come with systemd scripts for controlling Polypheny. Please check the manual of your Linux distribution on how to install the .deb or .rpm file.


Everything is completely self-contained and comes with its own JVM (Java Virtual Machine), therefore no further software dependencies are needed.

💡 Note
However, for a seamless experience we highly recommend the integration of Docker to enable all features and simplify the deployment of data stores and other features. Learn more about Docker integration!

JAR File

Furthermore, we provide a JAR which allows to deploy Polypheny on every system running Java.

Please use the .jar file provided on the release page. Polypheny requires a Java runtime version 17 or higher.

⚠ Warning
This is only recommented for non-production environments. Please refrain from using this in a productive setup and rather use the binaries instead.

Docker Image

For smaller setups and quick development environments you can also download the official Docker image:

docker pull polypheny/polypheny


Only the docker engine is required to use the official image.

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