Prism Interface - Overview

The Prism Interface is a query interface designed specifically for interaction with Polypheny instances. Unlike traditional HTTP-based methods, this state-of-the-art communication channel employs a binary protocol based on Google Protocol Buffers, providing a versatile and efficient method for data exchange.

To interact and use this interface, we provide drivers and connectors for various query languages and technologies:


The “Prism” protocol, integral to Polypheny’s query interface, is aptly named to reflect its capability to seamlessly process a diverse array of query languages and data models. Much like a prism dispersing light into a vibrant spectrum, the Prism protocol intricately supports complex queries, delegating them adeptly across various data paradigms. This analogy underscores Prism’s role in illuminating the multifaceted nature of data, enabling a harmonious interplay between different data types, akin to the mesmerizing display of colors revealed through a prism.

Multi-Language Statement

One of the standout features of Prism Interface is its support for multi-language queries. You’re not restricted to one query language; the Prism Interface can handle all query languages supported by Polypheny, allowing for greater flexibility in your data operations.

Results in Different Data Models

Another powerful feature is the ability to retrieve query results in multiple data models. Whether you’re dealing with relational, document-based, or the relational data models, Prism Interface can deliver results in the format most suited for your application’s needs.

Why use the Prism Interface?

  • Efficiency: The use of a binary protocol minimizes overhead, ensuring faster communication between your application and the Polypheny instance.

  • Semantics-Preserving Interaction: Prism Interface allows for a semantics-preserving interaction with the database’s native types and results, ensuring data integrity and accuracy in your operations.

  • Multi-Platform: Built upon the robust foundations of Google Protocol Buffers, the Prism protocol and API is designed to be used in various different programming languages.


The initial version of the PrismInterface has been developed by Tobias Hafner as part of his Bachelor’s thesis at the University of Basel.

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