Built-in Functions

Cypher comes with a variety of built-in functions that can be used to manipulate and process data within a query. This section will cover the most commonly used functions in Cypher, including string, numeric, temporal, list functions and others.

String Functions

Cypher has several functions for manipulating string values:

  • UPPER and LOWER: Convert a string to upper or lower case.
    RETURN UPPER('hello'), LOWER('WORLD') // Returns 'HELLO', 'world'
  • SUBSTRING: Extract a substring from a string.
    RETURN SUBSTRING('Hello, world!', 0, 5) // Returns 'Hello'
  • TRIM: Remove whitespace from the beginning and end of a string.
    RETURN TRIM('  hello  ') // Returns 'hello'
  • REPLACE: Replace all occurrences of a substring within a string.
    RETURN REPLACE('Hello, world!', 'world', 'Cypher') // Returns 'Hello, Cypher!'

Numeric Functions

Cypher provides functions for performing mathematical operations:

  • ABS: Returns the absolute value of a number.
    RETURN ABS(-5) // Returns 5
  • ROUND, FLOOR, and CEIL: Round a number to the nearest integer, down to the nearest integer, or up to the nearest integer.
    RETURN ROUND(3.14), FLOOR(3.14), CEIL(3.14) // Returns 3, 3, 4
  • SQRT: Returns the square root of a number.
    RETURN SQRT(9) // Returns 3

Temporal Functions

Cypher also includes functions for working with dates and times:

  • DATE: Create a date value.
    RETURN DATE('2023-05-18')
  • TIME: Create a time value.
    RETURN TIME('12:34:56')
  • DATETIME: Create a date-time value.
    RETURN DATETIME('2023-05-18T12:34:56')
  • duration.between: Calculate the duration between two date, time, or date-time values.
    RETURN duration.between(DATE('2023-05-18'), DATE('2023-06-18')) // Returns 'P31D'

List Functions

Cypher provides several functions for working with list values:

  • SIZE: Return the number of elements in a list.
    RETURN SIZE([1, 2, 3]) // Returns 3
  • COLLECT: Aggregate values into a list.
    MATCH (p:Person)
    RETURN COLLECT(p.name)
  • RANGE: Create a list of integers within a range.
    RETURN RANGE(1, 5) // Returns [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

Other Functions

There are many other functions available in Cypher, for handling different types of data and operations. A few examples include:

  • TYPE: Return the type of a relationship.
    MATCH (a)-[r]->(b)
  • ID: Return the internal ID of a node or relationship.
    MATCH (p:Person { name: 'John Doe' })
    RETURN ID(p)
  • EXISTS: Check if a property or path exists.
    MATCH (p:Person { name: 'John Doe' })
    RETURN EXISTS(p.age)
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